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DMU Health and Life Sciences PGR Conference 2024

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences PGR conference was held on 1st May this year. Our PhD students contributed towards the organisation of the event, with Brandon Moulds chairing the conference committee, and Gemma Cooper and Dolgormaa Jamchivlamdan as student members. The conference consisted of various sessions including posters, flash talks, workshops and presentations by Ph.D. and M.Res students from the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

Brandon presented a flash talk about his research on disinfection of norovirus. Gemma presented a poster on her work investigating the antiviral activity of volatile Nigella sativa compounds, for which she was awarded second place in the Poster Competition!

In addition, Gemma and Brandon organised workshops on wider transferable skills. Alongside Dr Harprit Singh, Gemma presented a workshop on giving good presentations and improving scientific communication.

Finally, Gemma and Brandon presented a workshop on our outreach activities - "How can an 8-year-old with a NERF gun help your PhD viva?" - a talk which generated much interest and enthusiasm for engaging with public outreach activities!


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