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Applied Microbiology International summer studentship

Undergraduate student Nicole Sibanda joined us in the lab this summer, funded by the Applied Microbiology International summer studentship. Nicole worked in the lab with Ph.D. student Brandon Moulds, to investigate the reusability of a novel catalyst for norovirus disinfection.

Nicole said of the experience, "During my internship, I had the privilege to engage in various tasks that provided me with a comprehensive understanding of microbiology and its practical applications.

"The hand-on experience of assessing the efficacy of cleaning products in killing norovirus has broadened my perspective on the practical aspects of combating pathogens. One of my highlights was delving into my independent research on norovirus and the potential implications for disinfection strategies by hydrogen peroxide and the catalyst.

"The skills I have acquired during my time in the lab, including laboratory maintenance practices, will undoubtedly be valuable as I pursue my Masters degree. I am extremely confident that the insights gained during my internship will be instrumental in shaping my career in the pharmaceutical industry in the coming years."

Through the eight week project, Nicole developed our understanding of the stability and activity of the catalyst following various treatments. She is now undertaking an MSc in Molecular Biotechnology at the University of Manchester.

If you are interested in completing a summer studentship in the lab, get in touch!


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