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Research Assistants

Dr Pat Adkin (2020-21)

Jenish Patel (2021)

Usha Shantharamu (2021-22)

Joseph Festa (2021-22)

Toyah Burgess (DMU Frontrunner, 2022-23)

Summer Students

Shaylin Patel (Graduate Champion, 2021)

Usamah Vania (Gunn & Carter summer student, 2022)

Nicole Sibanda (Applied Microbiology International summer student, 2023)

Project Students

Aimée Jeluk (PCS, 2019-20)

Jenish Patel (M.Sc. Pharm Biotech, 2020-21)

Usha Shantharamu (M.Sc. Pharm Biotech, 2020-21)

Rawdha Benziane (M.Sc. Pharm Biotech, 2021-22)

Ann Maria Varghese (M.Sc. Pharm Biotech, 2021-22)

Usman Arshad (M.Pharm., 2022-23)

Kush Thakur (M.Pharm., 2022-23)

Nutthaya Juthamart (M.Sc. Pharm Biotech, 2022-23)

Ammaarah Khalifa (M.Sc. Pharm Biotech, 2022-23)


Bethanie Dean

Bethanie completed her Masters by Research (MRes) in 2023, supervised by Dr Tim Snape and Dr Maitreyi Shivkumar. Her project aimed to synthesise xanthone derivatives for in vitro assessment of their antiviral activity against human coronaviruses. Bethanie is currently a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick. 

Joseph Festa

Joseph Festa

I am currently a final year PhD student in Molecular Biology & Nutrition at De Montfort University investigating “The effect of Elderberry Cyanidin-3-glucoside, and phenolic metabolites on markers of endothelial dysfunction & initial stages of atherosclerosis”. My interests lie with understanding how COVID-19 affects vascular health as this has affected so many people with cardiovascular disease comorbidities. Currently, I'm working on coronavirus and HIV models previously established in the Shivkumar lab to investigate kinase-targeting compounds for their antiviral activity, with the aim to develop them as novel antivirals”. Outside of the lab I enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym and running, eating lots of food and I also enjoy playing Pokemon when I have free time.

Toyah Burgess

Toyah Burgess

I am a third-year medical science student completing a DMU Frontrunners internship scheme this year. Whilst studying for my degree I have become interested in the body’s immune response to diseases. This internship allows me to experience research in this area by helping develop antivirals against viruses. In the future, I wish to enter a career in this area, researching how climate change affects the spread of these infectious diseases.

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